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Discover the new approach helping teachers and maths tutors start their own business as they show students a better way to master maths

5 Reasons To Join The Mathematics Guy
  • Become an entrepreneur Use your skills to start your own business
  • Get paid what you’re worth Grow your earnings as much or as little as you want
  • Join a booming industry Become part of a $1.5 billion industry that’s still growing
  • Enjoy greater flexibility Run the business the way you want to without anyone telling you what to do
  • Teach kids maths a better way Use an inquiry-based, practical model to engage students so they learn more effectively

“Engaging Hands-on Methods…”

Having a variety of tools and strategies to teach the same concept in many exciting ways and having lots of engaging hands-on methods for teaching concrete to abstract.
Nicole, Teacher

We’re On A Mission…

Students around Australia are NOT getting the specialised maths education that truly improves their understanding and performance.

Too many tutoring services rely on outdated ideas or a computer to do the teaching for them. And it means students aren’t getting the improvements they deserve, no matter how hard they work.

That’s why we’re on a mission to turn this around.

Using the pioneering “Learning Through Doing” model proven by thousands of teachers and parents across the country, The Mathematics Guy (or TMG) tutors children with a hands-on approach that’s easy to follow and keeps interest.

Now, we’re on a mission to do two things:

#1: Help more children truly master mathematics
#2: Empower teachers and tutors with the flexibility and freedom of their own business

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“Has Me Feeling Excited…”

The extensive number of lessons, materials and how genuine, realistic and achievable it is to use has me feeling excited.
Sarah, Parent

The “Guy” Behind The Mathematics Guy

A successful classroom teacher and Head of Department, Guy Constable was painfully aware that the usual way of teaching maths was failing too many students. So, he developed a new, step-by-step model for teaching key mathematical concepts with Dr. Judy Hartnett, teacher and University lecturer. With “Learning Through Doing”, they’ve redefined how teachers, schools, and students approach maths. Now, he’s dedicated to taking the LTD model into the tutoring space with The Mathematics Guy.

Are You A Great Fit For The Mathematics Guy?

Skilled in maths
You don’t have to be a maths teacher to run a TMG franchise, but it’s a natural fit. The teachers we’ve shown our approach to love it, and we think you will too! But you must be skilled and qualified to teach students to be a tutor.

Loves teaching children
If you enjoy teaching children and watching them grow, then you’ll love The Mathematics Guy! Students are our #1 focus, and we do everything we can to make their (and your) time together the best it can be.

Highly organised
With a TMG franchise, you’ll get all the support you need to make your business boom. But if you’re naturally on top of things, then you’re well on the road to success!

“This Makes Me Super Excited…”

I’ve never loved maths that much as a student or a teacher- this makes me super excited.
Lyn, Teacher

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