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“Kids are being taught maths POORLY”

I’ve been a maths teacher for two decades and have worked in curriculum leadership and at one of the top universities in Australia, and one thing I’ve noticed in the schooling system is this:

Kids are struggling with maths… and how they’re taught is a big part of the problem.

Many tutoring services aren’t much better, relying on worksheets or computers to do most of the teaching. So students don’t see the improvements they deserve, no matter how hard they try.

Hi, I’m Guy Constable, the founder of The Mathematics Guy (or TMG). For the past few years, I’ve made it my mission to show parents, teachers, and schools a more engaging, hands-on method of learning maths that students will actually want to pay attention to.

This became my Learning Through Doing approach, which has exploded in popularity in schools all around the country.

Now, I’m making my successful approach to learn the core concepts of maths even easier and more accessible for families. With The Mathematics Guy, you’ll have a tutor who’s an expert in this style and able to show your kids a faster, better way of mastering maths.

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“Has Me Feeling Excited…”

The extensive number of lessons, materials and how genuine, realistic and achievable it is to use has me feeling excited.
Sarah, Parent

The “Guy” Behind The Mathematics Guy

A successful classroom teacher and Head of Department, Guy Constable was painfully aware that the usual way of teaching maths was failing too many students. So, he developed a new, step-by-step model for teaching key maths concepts with Dr. Judy Hartnett, teacher and University lecturer. With “Learning Through Doing”, they’ve redefined how teachers, schools, and students approach learning maths. Now, he’s taking this new model into homes around Australia with The Mathematics Guy.

“A Complete Turnaround In Her Approach To Maths…”

When my daughter Kiara was in Year 5 she was having real difficulty with her maths. She couldn’t do most of the basic work that other kids her age seemed to be coping with easily. She told me she didn’t enjoy maths and it was too hard to understand. After only a few sessions with Guy she was already showing improvement. Kiara told me Guy made maths fun and easy for her to understand. I watched her confidence and ability grow so quickly in such a short amount of time. It was a complete turnaround for her in her approach to maths.
Naomi, Parent

See Your Children Excel At Maths…
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